GLO Reduces data plan

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Cyril, May 5, 2017.

  1. Cyril

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    GLOBACOM LIMITED (AKA) grand masters of data has reduced most of their data plan value to almost half of what it's used to be.

    I don't really know what might have caused this, but am sure it may be out of pressure from the NCC.

    Former Glo data Plans
    N500 = 1.6GB 7days
    N1000 = 3.2GB 30days
    N2000 = 7.5GB 30 days
    N2500 = 10GB 30days
    N3000 = 12GB 30days

    Current Data Plans
    N500 = 800MB
    N1000 = 1.6GB
    N2000 = 3.7GB
    N2500 = 5GB
    N3000 = 6GB

    You can see that all of the data plans shown above, has been cut into two, and that's very bad. Glo may even regret it as time goes on.
    most people use GLO because of their cheap data plans, and once they find out that it's slashed, they may look elsewhere, considering that fact that GLO has the poorest network connection in Nigeria.
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    Nawa for this network providers they want to cut our neck for this their high tariff plan