How to get a girl's Number using Maths Trick with calculator

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    Can I Get Your Phone Number, please?

    This trick works, Make sure you hit enter/equal between each step.

    1. Open your calculator

    2. Type in the first 4 digits of your phone number (not your area code which can be 081, 080 or 090) (So you would type in 7591 if your number was 080-7591-1234)

    3. Multiply that number by 80 (7591 x 80 )

    4. Add 1 (Your answer + 1)

    5. Multiply by 250 (your answer x 250)

    6. Add last four digits of your phone number (your answer + 1234)

    7. Add last four digits of your phone number again (your answer + 1234)

    8. Subtract 250 (your answer - 250 )

    9. Divide number by 2. (your answer รท 2 -- which is her phone number!)
    To make it really cool don't divide by 2 at first just show are the wrong number on the screen... She's like this is not my number, you are like let me give it a call and see if your phone rings
    Now you divide by 2 to get the real number you called her and her phone rang she's like wooow you are so cool am starting to like you already lol just kidding, but just give it a try and drop your comment