Why You Really Need To Start A Business Now

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    Every big business started from being small at
    a particular time take the likes of facebook,
    Dangote, Microsoft What these businesses
    have in common is the fact that they all
    started out as small business although not
    every business will be end up being moonshot
    but starting your own business will give you
    benefits such as flexible work time and good
    job security. The fact that you are reading this
    means you either want to start your own
    business or you are considering learning a
    skill you want to use to start a business.
    Below are some ideas you can pursue at little
    or no cost;
    Web Design: If you are skilled at web design
    or development the world is yours for the
    taking, at the moment with everybody buzzing
    to have a dotcom, you need to start getting
    yourself out there to attract more clients,
    meet people who can link you with people in
    need of your services you can start by working
    for friends and family as these works will help
    build your own personal portfolio and attract
    clients you need to harness the available
    platforms to give you good clients acquisition
    Drawing and illustration: This is a good
    means of making money for those gifted with
    artistic skills if you have been drawing for
    friends. It’s time to step up your game and
    start making money from your skills. All you
    need to do is find your niche and start getting
    in touch with people. Send out cold emails
    offering to give them free drawing samples
    and other freebies to attract them.
    Social Media Expert: With the wide spread
    usage of social media platforms such as
    facebook, twitter and instagram, companies
    are trying to reach out to more customers
    using these platforms. This can be an avenue
    for business for you, offering your experience
    and knowledge about these platforms to small
    scale businesses that actually needs the
    insights you can even take them beyond the
    normal social media platforms to new
    channels through which they can push their
    Affiliate Marketing: This is the process
    through which one earns a commision by
    promoting other people’s product, this is one
    which is easy to set up with big brands like ,
    Jumia,Konga, Microsoft, Lenovo offering
    affiliate programmes even to Nigerians all you
    need is good consumer acquisition skills and
    methods if you own a blog or you have good
    follower base on social media this is a gig you
    should try.
    Book publishing on Amazon kindle: For the
    creative writers, thanks to Amazon, you can
    now publish your own book within minutes
    without having to contact a big publisher. All
    you need do is apply for the kindle book
    publishing programme. Do you have a book or
    poem collection you are writing? It’s time you
    start making money from it and who knows, it
    might just be the next best seller.
    Most people think when you start a business
    while in school it’s only a cycle that last your
    stay in school but you should know starting a
    business is as real as it can get because it
    has reward and risks too starting a business
    is a good way to earn money and as well
    create a path for continued career success
    after school.
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