13 Things You Do Daily That Can Destroy Your Health

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    Most number of people try to do things that doesn't damage their health but have you ever thought that some of the healthiest and most uncommon things that you miss look can damage your health, Have a look at these weird things that can damage your health.

    1) Sitting in front of computer- Like using facebook? Very much addicted to it ? Time to know the truth about using the computer more than average time , It can damage your Eyes and Brain too, Most people wear spectacles just because of using computer too much

    2) Biting the Nails when you are in stress! It's the worst thing people too, but remember biting nails can damage both nails and your teeth

    3) Piercing- Lips , Ear Piercing may be the new fashion it can cause infection , swelling and moreover it damages your tissue

    4) Bathing Everyday Can damage your skin cell to the very limit, Showering is good, but try to minimize the use of scrub, and try taking a bath in light cold water.

    5) Sitting all the time, will make your metabolism slower, which can affect your immune system

    6) Wrong make up products, It can damage your skin more than you can imagine

    7) I can eat lemons,I like the sour taste of it, But eating too much lemons can damage your tooth enamel

    8) You are taking too much junk food, Junk food can make you fat, it can damage your overall immune system

    9) Blow-dry your Hair, The warm air can soak out your hair moisture, leaving it dry and it can cause hair to fall

    10) Not getting enough sleep, Just remember you grow taller and healthier when you sleep, Your body needs rest and it's necessary to sleep 8-10 hours a day

    11) You are taking too much protein, protein is good, but taking too much of it can boost your aging up and can damage your immune system

    12) Being Alone, Alone people tend to be in stores, So they eat and drink things that is not necessary for people, So it can damage your health and also being in stress can cause hair fall and dark circles around eyes

    13) You are hitting the gym, Misjudging the power of yoga, Regular yoga and meditation can stimulate your digestive and nervous system making your immune system powerful

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