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    Guys will never marry a girl that is a club
    addict, acts like a porn star, smokes like a
    dragon, drink all sorts of alcohol, customized her body with tattoos, can't do
    without heavy makeup and dresses like a bitch.
    Home training? No match found.
    Cooking Skills? Zero;
    Lundary Game? Novice;
    Traditional Etiquette? Poor;
    Home management? Terrible

    Noddles is your best food....
    Boys will tell you to keep it up,keep
    slaying, he will take you to shop rite,Mr
    Biggs, cinema ,and everywhere you want to
    go. Shebi you know how to carry ugu leaf on
    ur head and do Snapchat Everytime, Nails
    and eyebrows on are forming pepper dem nonsense. Don't worry your future will soon pepper you.

    Too much Atarodo sauce and chivita juice. Continue. he will keep on dating and encouraging you, he will hangout and
    have fun with you. And after everything; he
    will leave you and go and look for a very decent girl to marry, not minding whether she is from the village or not; provided she can perform all the wiffy duties and make him happy. then After he has used you as a testimony in church, he might even invite you for his wedding.
    Then Auntie where will you be? what will you do with
    Your life? You better slay with sense.

    I know this post will pepper plenty people in their intestine. But you cannot comma beat me because you don't know my house. So respect Yourself and slay with pride.
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