Funny Joke

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  1. 1. You drank garri twice today, bought
    card and got 10mb, came on facebook
    and wrote
    "money no be problem" .... Your case dey court.
    . 2. You dey owe mama ikenna N50
    and you dey
    "my money grow like grass t- shirt"..
    Weldone oo! .
    3. You fit pay N5,000 enter club but for
    church na
    N20 be your offering..
    God is watching you.
    . 4. You are too big to dance in church
    but you go
    crazy when you hear the (gbedu wey
    dey burst brain -
    OLUWA NI).. God dey watch u o .
    5. You're married but still chases other
    ladies and
    claim you're going for refresher
    courses. Your cup go soon full.
    6. Just because you met him in a bus
    and he
    you gala, you come store him number as "bros gala"...
    Sista tank u o
    7. U are an o level holder, but nah you
    sponsor your girl for uniben. My broda u be
    scholarship board?
    8. You dey inside hotel room snap
    picture come
    upload am write "home sweet home".... ur
    mata dey God
    hand. .
    9. You enter public transoprt #600 to
    go shoprite
    go snap picture with oda people goods,
    abeg wetine
    I wan
    tell u. .
    10. U way go read this my post, u no
    go comment, my
    dear u get leprosy for hand??