Hey Guys!!! Here Are 9 Common Things That Can Break Your Condom During S*x,

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    It is always terrifying to find out that a condom used during your sexual escapade broke and your sexual safety has been compromised, with possible pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

    “Have you ever had a condom break on you?it’s terrifying but the good news is that it is avoidable in the future, as long as you learned why it happened”.

    Condom bursting, tearing, breaking, ripping can happen because of a number of things and listed below are some of those things.

    Expired/wrongly stored: “An expired condom or one that was stored in extreme temperatures, left in wallets and places where pressure is applied to it, It weakens and might tear”.

    Air bubble in the condom: “If you allow air bubble to remain when wearing the condom, you might have a pressure point that will lead to a tear when thrusting”

    Too tight: “If the condom is too tight, it could tear during S*x,”

    Not lubricated: “The condom’s material became dry and hot because not enough additional lubricant was added”.

    Oil-based lube: “If you use improvised oil-based lubricants like Vaseline or other petroleum jelly, you could weaken the channel condom which might lead to a leak/tear”.

    Wrongly opened: “If you opened condom with your teeth, scissors, or a knife you can compromise the integrity and rip it and when you attempt S*x,, it is likely to tear further”.

    Hairy vaginal/penis area: “During S*x, involving hairy pubic region, there is the possibility that hair strands are pushed in and the continuous friction can tear the condom”.

    Newly shaved vagina: “Hair on a newly shaved vagina is prickly and sharp, it can tear the condom at the slightest contact”

    Lack of space at the tip of a condom: “When wearing a condom, you need to leave a little space at the tip, If this is not done, it could tear, especially during ejaculation”.

    So guys, make sure you check out all the above listed things when next you want to use a condom so you can get maximum protection because there is no point using a condom in the first place if it breaks at last.