How To Make Money Sharing Ads To Facebook

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    How can you possibly earn sharing ads to facebook

    Lets get to business you can possibly earn money sharing ads to facebook by been affiliated with Recadx Media.

    i will walk you through on how to get started becoming affiliated with Recadx media.

    Recadx Media
    All you have to do is create an account with Recadx Media by clicking Here, To create and account you will have to pay a registration fee of N3000 using your credit card or you can contact recadx media's agent to get a voucher for registration which also cost N3000 you will get the number to contact on the website.

    After successfully creating your account you can now start sharing ads to your facebook timeline that will be giving to you daily

    You earn N400 for each ads you shared to facebook and you can get more than 1 ads to share sometimes.

    so you are sure to earn up to N12,000 monthly by sharing ads.

    if you are having issues starting up just drop a comment below.
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    Have registered bro and just shared today's ads thanks