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    If you are in search of a means to spy on iPhone you are at the right place. In this post I will discuss some of the simple and foolproof iPhone spying methods that works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

    Spy on iPhone with a Spy App

    The best way to monitor an iPhone is by using an iPhone spy application. This spy app installs and works just like any other iPhone app but the only difference is that its presence on the phone is completely hidden.
    That means the spy app silently sits on the phone and records every activity on it without the knowledge of the phone user. SpyStealth is one such spy app which does this job and is also my favorite one to spy on iPhone.
    SpyStealth: Best iPhone Spy App


    This app comes with many features which helps in the tracking of the iPhone activities such as calls, GPS location, SMS, iMessages and many more.
    As the number of iPhone users have increased over the recent years, the need to keep an eye out for children or employees is also a must to check on their activities. The following iPhone spying features are available with this app:

    Call monitoring: With this feature you can check out the call log of the iPhone and also get the call duration of all the call they make.

    Message monitoring: This features enables you to get the same SMS which is received by your child or employee. You will get the message even if it is deleted on the target phone.

    IM monitoring: You can spy on IM activities such as iMessages, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Line, Skype and many more.
    Track social media & emails: Track all the activities of your children or employee on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.

    GPS tracking: You will always know where your kid or employee is located using GPS tracking.
    Photo and video monitoring: View all the photos and videos taken or stored on the iPhone. You can even download the files stored in the app.
    Contacts and notes monitoring: All the contacts stored on the iPhone can be viewed. Even the notes saved on the target iPhone can be accessed.
    Live control panel: SpyStealth provides you with a web control panel with which you can track the iPhone about its current location in real-time.
    How it Works?

    Step 1: Order the SpyStealth app.

    Step 2: Download and install it on to the target iPhone.

    Step 3: Login with the credentials from your web control panel and start monitoring the iPhone.
    iPhone Spy Demo
    You can take a look at the demo of SpyStealth in action from the following link:


    Why SpyStealth?
    There may be a plethora of iPhone spying apps but I recommend SpyStealth for the following reasons:

    1. No-Jailbreak Needed: Unlike many other spying apps, SpyStealth supports both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones.

    2. 24×7 Support: You get round the clock support whenever you need help in installing or managing your app. Toll free number, Live chat and email are the available support options.

    3. Affordable Pricing: All of this comes at a very reasonable price compared to other spying apps on the current market.

    So what are you waiting for? Go grab SpyStealth now and begin spying on iPhone: