New Working Server For 9mobile 60mb Blazing Flawlessly

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    They taught they could steal our shine, lolz

    Hi friends it's your boy Gad, am back today with another 9mobile free browsing which am sure you guys will enjoy it.
    Without wasting much of time let show you how you can enjoy it.


    √9mobile sim
    √Anonytum VPN


    √Lunch your anonytum VPN

    √click on sheath settings

    √Turn on shealth tunnel on/off

    √Connection protocol choose Http

    √Turn on custom TCP/HTTP headers

    √Click on edit custom TCP/HTTP headers


    √Request method post

    √Injection method:Normal

    √Tick on keep alive and useragent

    √Click on generate and save

    √Connect your Anonytum



    Port 8081 or 7254

    NOTE:this 9mobile freebrowsing capped at 50-60mb enjoy it while it last.
    Please comment let me know what you observe.

    Enjoy, share with others too