Shocking Story About A Girl Named Mary

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  1. On that faithful day Mary was on her way to school when a motorcycle knocked her down.
    She was rushed to a nearby hospital immediately, that night in her dream, an old woman in white garment appeared to her and warned her saying'.
    ''As soon as you are discharge from the hospital, you must wash the blood stain from your cloth you wore that day you were involved in an accident. otherwise, something terrible may happen to you''.
    Mary thought it was an ordinary dream not until she saw the same old woman in her dream again and again. telling her to wash the blood stain from her cloth. This time Mary was frightened and told her mother the dream. Her mother simply told her to do exactly as she was told.
    The moment Mary was discharged from the hospital she begin to wash the cloth she scrubbed harder but there was still blood stain on it which may cause her danger. she was tired and she slept off.

    When Mary woke up she checked the time, it was 4.00 am everywhere was still dark, she was consumed with fear and because she was afraid of the old woman's caution. She got up, took the cloth and started washing. she scrubbed it so hard that it felt like it was going to tear.
    Mary was scrubbing the cloth so hard that tears almost started dropping from her eyes. All of a sudden someone tapped her from behind, she turned and behold, the old woman appeared to her in real life. out of fear Mary got up to run but fell down.
    The old woman drew closer to her and softly said don't scrub hard HENCE FORTH USE ARIEL DETERGENT to do your washing.