Try This Challenges To Bring Small Changes In Life

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Which one is best challenge to try out

  1. Reflect upon yourself

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  2. engrave your presence

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  3. Sometimes live to eat

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  4. Enable yourself to enjoy freedom

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  5. Capture your life

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  1. nirjon rahman

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    Challenges are what make life interesting, overcoming them is what makes them meaningful

    Life is beautiful no matter how many hurdles you have to face, it’s just the way it is certainly not a piece of cake neither a unconquerable quest.These small challenges are curated according to some aspects, generally, we all face or should do at some point in our life.

    Challenge : Reflect upon yourself
    Forgive if you have any grudge upon someone close over a silly matter.
    Life isn’t fair, It never promises to be and so that being said there are ups and downs that you have to experience with your closed ones and end up holding grudges over it for an indefinite period of time,It’s worth mentioning that we have to understand that nobody is our enemy they are just for themselves. Although please don’t judge me on that, if someone has done something very wrong to you, I am not going to tell you that you should be the one who should seek forgiveness, I’m simply referring to the matters that are more innocent and aren’t going to affect you in the long run and you are still holding grudge over it and missing the crucial moments in your life so, it’s definitely better to forgive and approach first,being the mature one.

    Challenge : engrave your presence
    Buy a watch and pass it down to your dearest one some day
    This might sound quite dramatic but I think it is pretty cool to have your dearest one remember you for something that was once used to be close to you.

    Challenge : Sometimes live to eat
    start learning cheif level dishes and try sharing it with them
    Try learning new recipes and invite family and friends and rebuild stronger bonds, One more thing that you can consider doing is open a food &lifestyle themed Instagram account and upload your newly tried recipes and become an Instagram star.

    Challenge : Enable yourself to enjoy freedom
    Start saving up for a world tour
    Your life shouldn’t be confined within your city or even your country.There is more around than you can imagine and it’s your job to discover the mysteries and enjoy freedom every now and then.

    Challenge : Capture your life
    Start vloging
    Revisiting your past isn’t something less of a super power if you ask me, and vlogging definitely grants you that sort of power and if aren’t comfortable about sharing your life online with others there are options to make a more confined approach and choose who can see your videos but if your life has interesting happenings every now and then and isn’t boring like most of ours then you probably should consider being a vlogger.


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    This is cool man
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    Glad to hear that man :)